Attendance, simplified again.

Tend empowers teachers, organizers, and leaders to take attendance easily.

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More than just pen and paper

Take control of your groups with accountability, monitoring, and powerful statistics. Make data driven decisions for classrooms, clubs, and any other group you handle.

Save Paper

Stop wasting paper that you know you'll just take a picture of. Tend is completely digital.


Tend utilizes web a11y standards to ensure everyone can take attendance.


Use built-in analytics to make data-driven decisions for your groups. Or, export our CSVs and spreadsheets for your own use.


Tend can take attendance for any date, even future dates.



Everything is so accountable and organized with Tend. I'm able to take attendance for anything!


I love not having stacks of attendance papers from the meetups I run.


I use the built-in statistics to make decisions for my classes. I love Tend!